Welcome to my new adventures online!

My name is Seva,and if you read this maybe you search for something new to do, like me.I found what I was looking for, after 12 months.

November 2009 I found myself in terrible back pain,unable to work for more than two weeks,and I was seriously thinking about changing my life style.

What I want to do now,is not easy take lot of my time,but I am home,with my family,pets and wildlife birds.I am writing or searching on Internet,and watching the birds in my yard.

Is not a better life than that,to be at home and work,and earn good money is well.

October 2010,I sign up with SFI and I become a successful team leader,and from here,my blog was born.

Day by day,I am learning,study,searching,sign up new programs,learn to use them,and write about all my ups and downs in online business.

You,my dear friend ,you more than welcome to read,comment and share with me your experiences online .

For the next six months I will try to keep you informed with my discoveries online.