Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Learn Today - Link Referral

I had big plans for today,but what really happened ....every day first thing I check my e-mails,read and answer to most of them.My Old Fox asked me if I know to create banners,well the answer is no.Finishing all the e-mails,blogs comments,and all the other social media ,I just set my mind to learn how to create a banner for my blogs,at least for one of them.

Search with Google,I found some  free software ,I download one,I just realised I can find a simple way on You Tube,and from there just everything but not banners.

I got carried away by other" how to" and I forgot about my banners.I learned about other things I need to know,for my  next projects.What I need at this stage,more traffic to my websites and blogs.To advertise is expensive,I am looking for cheap ways or free ways.

I found a new website where you submit your blog or website:

If you have AdSense ads on you blog or website ,do not use TE(Traffic Exchanges).When you write your articles,spend more time searching for the keywords,or submit your website or blog to Link Referral.
Read careful the instructions and choose what you want to do.If you are join for free,what you have to do is,visit 30 websites or blogs,write some 5 reviews every day,if you don't have time

I think you noticed is not only for blogs or websites,any affiliates links or personal pages,today 11 people and one comment (the first comment in 14 months) they visit Good Health,compare with 4 views last month.

What really happen,I done some work to improve the content,design,and other features.

You can see my ranking credit for today at Link Referral ,the visits to my site,my rank 10 from 12311 other websites.I have to review five websites a day,and there is some rules about it,they want serious writing,not comments like,cool or nice website....try your best.I can do it tomorrow.This is my story for today,at least I can show to you what I am doing,all day for 14-16 hours a day.

What I learned today ?
  • how to place You Tube videos on my blog ,and I add 3 videos from You Tube to Seva blog.
  • how to copy part of the screen (the pictures of the Link Referral)
Tomorrow I will learn about BANNERS.....thank you for reading 11:24 pm I am going to get some sleeeeeep.................
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