Monday, January 3, 2011


2nd of January,to much to do,I worked 7 hours morning session,and after 3:00pm reading,clicking in Traffic Exchange  websites.
13 hours work from home,some of the editing I done yesterday,some unfinished articles,took me so long.but I finished most of the scheduled jobs online like:

  • Editing articles

  • Submitting and share my new articles to Twitter and Face Book and other 10 websites like Dig,Delicious..

  • I discovered few extra websites for musicians,after Tune Flow and Sound Click other two good websites came to my attention,but I will write more about in Seva's blog is dedicated only for music.

  • I change few things around,with AdSense Ads,I change the colours of ads to match my blogs,I change the position of ads in the page.

  • I spend tremendous amount of time on Triple Clicks ,so many good products,books are my favorites...

  • I have been watching  some new videos,about promoting websites,and more reading.

  • Up to 9pm I clicked for an hour in 5 Traffic Exchanges,and I figure it out how the Free Rotators work, I am getting a serious number of hits,for my 3 Free Rotators.

Because I have so much to do,I try to prioritize my jobs,I have traffic now,I have to give them something new to read every time they visit me,writing take me lots of time,but editing movies take the most,I spend the last 2 days of 2010 editing two videos on You Tube.

I have to work hard to achieve my goals,and I will stay focused to achieve it.


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