Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updates With Queensland Floods And My Online Work

Finally ,I am back, I have lots and lots to write.I need more time for everything I do.I have to mention here, Australia,has tough time with the floods we experienced in some of the the Queensland towns,like Toowoomba ,Ipswich,Brisbane.Is not over,yet,and I would like to thank you to all my friends,from all over the world worried about  my safety.I received numerous e-mails,today,took me a while to answer it to.I am safe I live 800 km.from the worst affected flood towns.My heart is crying hard for the people affected by floods.People still in shock,devastation,houses moved kilometers away,by the "Inland Tsunami".There is some videos online and I will write few links of some amazing videos of flood disaster.

Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10

Aerials of the Brisbane River


Floating in the Flood

Let's go, to what I would like to write  about it,four more days and I would have 3 months since,I sign up with SFI,I am not happy the way I am going,so far, taking in consideration I am not spending any money,for advertising,only my time,writing articles,using safelist and traffic exchanges,learning about new websites,using them and get some results ,I am not really proud of.I will show you a screen shot of my SFI commissions.

Is not much for three months,$8.84 but is something,I have to plan different approach.Many people will give up,but I am not.I am writing everything I am doing,testing websites,which one work,which one doesn't.,sort them out,try new ones.

I wrote one more article in my Good Health" blog,would be a good thing if I can write at least twice a week,specially now when people start to follow me.Is not that hard write now,than almost one year ago when I find out about blogs,and I decide to create one,wasn't easy task,took me a while and yes,my first blog was born.You might remember,in one of my other post,I mentioned about some editing and design change.

Seva is my second blog,to tell the world how much I miss my music.I start writing in Romanian,but after a while,I realised is not much audience,and from now on every little article will be in English.I spent one day to write my last article.I have inspiration to write, but sometimes the research,take me a while until I put the together.I know someone who wrote 2400 post in 3 years.I think is a lot,maybe that what she is doing,for living.One more article will follow,tonight,or early tomorrow .

Hub Pages is another place to write blogs called "hubs" for money.The back office of the website,help you to set connections with  Google AdSense,Amazon,E-Bay,and Kontera.Seven  months after I join this website,I have 6 hubs,and one in progress.Even if you don't like writing, Hub Pages is a good place to check the hubs,interesting topics,and stories you can find written here.

Many of you know about Neobux if not you can read more about here, today I just want to say I am pretty happy the way I am going,I invest every cent I make in new referrals.So far I have 12 referrals,in 10 more days I will be able to get few more.Is a PTC website,one you can trust,I spend few minutes a day to click four sometimes five ads.I will add here a screen shot from Neobux with my page.

This image show to you how I progress after 60 days clicking everyday.Take 20 days to reach $0.80 and you can buy your first 3 referrals,for 30 days.Is a slow process but if you want to spend some money you can upgrade to a Gold Member and you will have 15 ads per day.I choose to be Standard Member,to see in how long I can reach my goal $2500 per month with Neobux.One more day and I can get other 3 referrals,or I extend a group of three referrals to 15 or 30 more days.Here I spend only my time,in my case 2-3 minutes a day.The more referrals the better,with time and patience I will get there.

Million Leads For Free,is one of the websites I used every day,I can send text ads or messages about my discoveries online or promote some of my affiliates programs to 5000 people,plus the people who join up with you,in my case 2 people.Every 24 hours,after you visit 10 websites from Message Inbox ,you can edit your text ad,and save it,for future use,in my case I have 8 text ads saved, what I have to do just click, "post your message" and done.My online opportunities rich 5000 people plus.If you don't have time to do it spend $20 and the job is done for you.When I have busy days,writing articles,I can't use Traffic Exchanges,or Safelist,maybe for one hour a day, instead of 5 hours a day, (what normally I am doing in daily basis)Million Leads For Free is a quick solution to get traffic for free,every single day.

Link Referral, is a great website,you see results in the same day when you sign up,for free of course.I start getting traffic to my blog ,in few hours.To achieve the best results,every day you have to visit 30 links,to review 5 websites, 1 post in their forum,and to add at least one website to your favorites list.If you do all of them,your website,blog or any other affiliate link you want will be on the top 10 links,you get more traffic.If you don't have the time you can pay and the job is done for you.The traffic improve,lots of reviews,with some good advises and followers,yes I got my first 3 followers after 2 days using Link Referral.

The screen shot is showing, my "Good Health"  blog reviews.

I am about the final of my post,but before I go ,I have to mention my friends from You Tube,worried about my safety,when they watched some of the videos about what happen in Toowoomba Queensland, Australia.
I enclosed a screen shot of my You Tube Channel,where I promote my songs,everything is in Romanian language,soon I will have one You Tube Chanel in English language only.
My dear friends if you reached  that far to read my updates,I am honored,and even if you do not leave any comments,I understand,sometimes I stop and I live few words but many times I rush,and some of yours out there,deserve some appreciation for your work.Comments or no comments I know for sure 70- 80 people a day they visit me here in my forth  blog.Good luck with what you doing online,and I will be back soon with more.

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  1. Seva: great to know you are on high ground safe and sound! Videos are fantastic..
    Your SFI info: Perhaps it should be looked upon or presented as a pension plan. SFI is a real business and takes time to build. This is no get rich scheme. Your story exemplifies how hard you are working during this tough economy.
    Speak with you soon
    Regards: Oldfox

  2. Thank you Oldfox,is tough time and many people live on a tight budget.In my blog you can find articles about websites,to promote your business for free and day by day expierence with ups in downs.Keep in touch I will publish one new article about SFI,soon.

  3. Seva, I certainly wish you the best! One day this very heavy work load must pay off and we will all read you have become a millionaire.
    Take a little break before you become too tired and be suceptable to a virus.
    Best regards
    Old Fox

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