Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marketing Tips for 2011

1st of January,2011,will be a good year for most of us,we still have to pay attention,look around,read the news,we have to be very careful where we invest our money,how we can save more money.

People are watching their pocket ,these days,you know what that mean,make sure your message is the same no matter where you advertise,be honest,build trust with others,is very important.People do not buy products,or to visit your website or blog,in my situation.Be honest in your marketing business.
You can use online video with success,I use You Tube,make a movie,good content,but much better if you can add a photo of yourself,if you can't record yourself talking direct to your audience. People will subscribe to you,they will recommend you,write comments and you can increase you value like a person and value for your products or business.
 Do not ignore Social Media this year, is going strong and is one of the best ways to brand yourself.Few days ago a simple answer to someone asking for help,brought me 3 people who they sign up two of my Traffic Exchange websites I use to promote my websites. Start getting on all of the social sites, like Face book, Twitter , Linked In and My Space
Yes,we have a business online,and we talk about our products and website or work,we have to talk about us,let people know is your site.

News travels fast and instantly thanks to the Internet. With all the social sites, video and blogging you should have no trouble getting your marketing message out there for 2011.

 The traffic can be increased by using methods like search engine optimization by using keywords and the links in the articles and also through blogs.
Use advertisements: The use of online advertisements is very important for you to market the products online. Internet marketing is largely based on the visibility of the products that you are selling online. This can be done by posting articles about your product online on various article directories. This can also have a link leading back to the site that you use to market the product.
If your business is not aware that more people are using smart phones, you should learn quickly and realize that their use is on the rise. However, few businesses have actually developed mobile websites that are designed for handheld devices, such as an iPhone, Google's Nexus One, etc. The use of mobile devices and the applications available also allows individuals to connect to their social network sites like Face book, Twitter, Linked In, Four Square,
If a business' website is not accessible through a smart phone application or other handheld device, your visitors will become frustrated and find some other business that does .

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According to Mobile Marketing Watch, a recent report published by the UN indicates that mobile subscribers comprise 67% of the world's population,something to think about,how you can send text messages to your prospects.
The growth of the Internet has allowed businesses to publish their own content about their business or industry. This includes blogs, pictures and even videos.
Presently, there are a number of blog software programs available for businesses that want to start blogging. The following software companies, Blogger .com, Typepad and Movable Type offer easy blogging tools to get you started in your business blog.
Blogging offers an inexpensive way for business owners to get their company name on the Internet. Simply write your thoughts, link to resources and publish your blog.

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