Monday, December 20, 2010

SFI New Business Opportunity

SFI (Strong Future International)is a new business opportunity for me,but for others is more,real income  and residual income.
I have been searching online for few years now,in my spare time.The spare time I am talking was just few hours in monthly basis.I realised I can't go like this for ever,too much work 17-18 hours per day 7 days per week,stress,phone calls,and lots and lots of responsibilities and worries.Things happen with a reason in every person life,and from 2008 I realised I work hard but for less income,and bit by bit ,I start searching ,reading success stories and learning how to use new websites,programs online and earn money.

I have joined and tried so many websites,and programs and I came across with good and bad,but most of all bad who said you earn this and that doing that and you get paid in 30 days,well is one year and I did not get paid for my time and I lost money too .

I was searching for quick answer to my needs,to make good money online in short time,is not happening.There are plenty people out there,telling me and you that kind of stories,happen for me,I made thousands but I never seen the money.You have to be careful out there,can happen to you too.

With SFI ,you can make real money,you get paid once a month,and you can work from home.

Is the best thing ever,no more 4:00 am ,but I can work late at home.I am still working long hours,10-14 hours but is not that hard,I can work day and night,I have lots to do to catch up with the real people who earn good income with SFI and they recruit like 20-30 affiliates per day but they start 10 years ago,I just have 3 ,one in first month,October 16 2010 ,when I sign up with SFI and November nothing,December brought me 2 people.In first month I earn $0.04 commission,the second month $5.60 a big difference but not enough to survive ,but is a start.
Some people does better than others,because of  many factors,experience is one of them.Once you know what you doing you can apply the knowledge   to other  opportunities as well.

Every day I log in my account,
I check my to do list,
I send e-mail to my down line twice a week and share with them what marketing websites I found or what works for me.
I promote every day,with e-mails,safelist,and traffic exchange.
I write in my blog once or twice a week.
I  organize my websites links,I work with 100 Safelist ,100 links ,12 Traffic Exchanges,and other affiliates programs.You can earn good money with any each of them and you must be active and you have great results if you can upgrade.
Keep in touch with  friends in Facebook,Twitter,My Space about it or recommend to the people who ask for help.
Write,talk,chat when you have the chance about the products you use and work for you.

When you use the product yourself you know how works and you can say more things so people can trust .

Every day 800-1000 people from all over the world sign up with SFI.
More to add ,SFI has  the best website,everything you need about Internet Marketing you will learn here,tools to promote your business,or how to promote it,everything is here on SFI,24 hours.
If you decide to join keep in touch with you sponsor,and you can use the forum if you get stuck.

Is great to work with SFI,I am a newbie and is great to learn everything here,but if you are not prepared to do what takes every day is not for you.

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  1. This young lady is correct about SFI! A well established real business model. It is not a get rich scheme, it is a business model you develop as owner/manager.
    Go Girl, the sky is the limit. Once those monthly checks come to your mailbox, you really get fired up>
    Best of Luck
    Oldfox, Florida, USA

  2. Thank you so much for your support Oldfox,have the best of everything,and because we expect the holidays,I wish you Merry Christmas,and the best holidays ever,Seva