Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Traffic With Safelist

Being one of the SFI members ,  I am  new to Internet marketing and I am always looking for good advertising places. I belong probably to hundreds of credit based safe lists, but with its highly responsive members  Safelist is my  number 1 marketing tool! I recommend it to any Internet marketer who is serious about building an online.So far I work with 108 Safelist,and I am about to recommend to you only the best of them and my favorites.
  • GOT SAFELIST   is my favorite so far you can get credits ,banner exchange and even cash when you read  the others members e-mails,and is free.Like a free member you can send a text ad every 48 hours to 2500 members if you upgrade you have better chances

  • TWESTED VIRAL TRAFFIC   earn 100 credits for each member's ad you view.

  • GLOBAL SAFELIST  earn credits for each member's ad you view .

  • AD TROOPERS     earn 100 credits per ad view.

  • ACTIVE SAFELIST  100 credits per ad view.

  • LIST JOE   earn credits and you can send your text ad to over 30 000 members,is great,and is free.
         Do not forget all the Safelist from above you can use it for free,the most active you are the better for you pocket and you business and if you can afford to upgrade is  great because still is very cheap compare with other marketing  tools .I wish you good luck with everything you are doing and catch up with you soon.

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