Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Today the last day of 2010,an amazing year,not everything was nice and easy ,I will relate few aspects.The end of 2009 shook me a bit with my health,and I realised I have to look for different ways to earn money.Having more time in my hands I  learn to use You Tube,how to upload a movie,and today I have 41 videos,most of them promoting my songs,and my work like a private employment agent.You Tube opened a new road for me,how to earn money online.

I explored most of them,by June 2010,I found Hub Pages,and here I learned more about blogging,for money.By this time I have two blogs,Good Health, and Seva,the last one is about  music.Is a big challenge for me to write ,when  English is my second language.

I found Google AdSense,I learn how to use it, to  increase my earnings from You Tube .Anything you want is there,only keep searching,but pay attention to the scams too.

October 2010,came with SFI,I sign up and I fall in love with,one of the best thing ever happen to me,and from here my third blog is born, writing about my experiences online,like a newbie,today after two months and 6 days, since I  published my first post, I have 2021  views,19th December  2010,108 views,the most views  all time.

Goals for 2011

To look after myself,loose weight,take more time off,from my demanding business,and devote myself on Internet  Marketing.

Help more people to achieve their SFI goals,I realised so many of them start,and they give up after few days or even few hours.

To finish my music projects,to record 32 new songs.

To make this blog into something worth reading.
What I am writing here,is what I am learning day by day from Internet,but can be used by a another newbie.So far I get 70-80 people reading my blog every day.

To be there for my family,will be better opportunities,to travel,with online business,I have freedom to work any where in the world,I will be able to live a normal life,to enjoy the rest of it, next to my loved ones.

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