Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Today the last day of 2010,an amazing year,not everything was nice and easy ,I will relate few aspects.The end of 2009 shook me a bit with my health,and I realised I have to look for different ways to earn money.Having more time in my hands I  learn to use You Tube,how to upload a movie,and today I have 41 videos,most of them promoting my songs,and my work like a private employment agent.You Tube opened a new road for me,how to earn money online.

I explored most of them,by June 2010,I found Hub Pages,and here I learned more about blogging,for money.By this time I have two blogs,Good Health, and Seva,the last one is about  music.Is a big challenge for me to write ,when  English is my second language.

I found Google AdSense,I learn how to use it, to  increase my earnings from You Tube .Anything you want is there,only keep searching,but pay attention to the scams too.

October 2010,came with SFI,I sign up and I fall in love with,one of the best thing ever happen to me,and from here my third blog is born, writing about my experiences online,like a newbie,today after two months and 6 days, since I  published my first post, I have 2021  views,19th December  2010,108 views,the most views  all time.

Goals for 2011

To look after myself,loose weight,take more time off,from my demanding business,and devote myself on Internet  Marketing.

Help more people to achieve their SFI goals,I realised so many of them start,and they give up after few days or even few hours.

To finish my music projects,to record 32 new songs.

To make this blog into something worth reading.
What I am writing here,is what I am learning day by day from Internet,but can be used by a another newbie.So far I get 70-80 people reading my blog every day.

To be there for my family,will be better opportunities,to travel,with online business,I have freedom to work any where in the world,I will be able to live a normal life,to enjoy the rest of it, next to my loved ones.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

SFI New Business Opportunity

SFI (Strong Future International)is a new business opportunity for me,but for others is more,real income  and residual income.
I have been searching online for few years now,in my spare time.The spare time I am talking was just few hours in monthly basis.I realised I can't go like this for ever,too much work 17-18 hours per day 7 days per week,stress,phone calls,and lots and lots of responsibilities and worries.Things happen with a reason in every person life,and from 2008 I realised I work hard but for less income,and bit by bit ,I start searching ,reading success stories and learning how to use new websites,programs online and earn money.

I have joined and tried so many websites,and programs and I came across with good and bad,but most of all bad who said you earn this and that doing that and you get paid in 30 days,well is one year and I did not get paid for my time and I lost money too .

I was searching for quick answer to my needs,to make good money online in short time,is not happening.There are plenty people out there,telling me and you that kind of stories,happen for me,I made thousands but I never seen the money.You have to be careful out there,can happen to you too.

With SFI ,you can make real money,you get paid once a month,and you can work from home.

Is the best thing ever,no more 4:00 am ,but I can work late at home.I am still working long hours,10-14 hours but is not that hard,I can work day and night,I have lots to do to catch up with the real people who earn good income with SFI and they recruit like 20-30 affiliates per day but they start 10 years ago,I just have 3 ,one in first month,October 16 2010 ,when I sign up with SFI and November nothing,December brought me 2 people.In first month I earn $0.04 commission,the second month $5.60 a big difference but not enough to survive ,but is a start.
Some people does better than others,because of  many factors,experience is one of them.Once you know what you doing you can apply the knowledge   to other  opportunities as well.

Every day I log in my account,
I check my to do list,
I send e-mail to my down line twice a week and share with them what marketing websites I found or what works for me.
I promote every day,with e-mails,safelist,and traffic exchange.
I write in my blog once or twice a week.
I  organize my websites links,I work with 100 Safelist ,100 links ,12 Traffic Exchanges,and other affiliates programs.You can earn good money with any each of them and you must be active and you have great results if you can upgrade.
Keep in touch with  friends in Facebook,Twitter,My Space about it or recommend to the people who ask for help.
Write,talk,chat when you have the chance about the products you use and work for you.

When you use the product yourself you know how works and you can say more things so people can trust .

Every day 800-1000 people from all over the world sign up with SFI.
More to add ,SFI has  the best website,everything you need about Internet Marketing you will learn here,tools to promote your business,or how to promote it,everything is here on SFI,24 hours.
If you decide to join keep in touch with you sponsor,and you can use the forum if you get stuck.

Is great to work with SFI,I am a newbie and is great to learn everything here,but if you are not prepared to do what takes every day is not for you.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post with" Million Leads For Free"

After few days surfing and writing messages to my 187 contacts,in Swom      I just come across with another great tool for a tight budget Internet marketer,and I am going to write few words about.I love it,is great,I just post one text ad  and after 10 hours I can send a new one,always I post a different ad.
At , every member may post to at least 5000 leads per day, which equals to 1,825,000 leads for the year!

The leads you'll be posting to everyday have all been confirmed and verified. These leads have all logged in and show some activities and interest in various opportunities within the last 72 hours!

If you'd like to post to more than 5000 leads per day,   also offer a variety of ways, both paid and free, that you can choose from to post up to 100,000 leads per day!
However, this great offer is only available to a limited number of people.

So if you'd like to   get your million leads for free   or would like to  know more details  , all you have to do is submit your Name and Email Address  and you'll be assigned an unique access key to the member's page right away!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Is Swom?

A segment of a social networkImage via Wikipedia
Dear Friends,I can't help myself,I have to share with you another great thing I have discover online.Reading the e-mails from one of my safelist ,I wrote not long ago about it, Free Traffic with Safelist  ,I find SWOM , is great I am telling you ,after SFI this is the best thing happen to me so far in 2010.

SWOM  stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking sites for home-businessses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. These include:
  • Meet new prospects - thousands of internet marketers meet here - they can be you next customer or Joint-Venture partner!
  • Create your own group - give exposure of your business or opportunity and meet new customers.
  • Twitter link - post messages to Twitter directly from Swom - put your marketing on auto-pilot!
  • Affiliate program - generous 70% payout on commissions in an advanced social networking affiliate program!

Learn as you earn and start building an income from day one. You can earn a full-time income promoting Swom or your own opportunities - with time and dedication you can earn a realistic 4, 5 or even 6-figure sum each and every month!

How do I make money with Swom?
It's simple. When you join Swom, you are given a personalized referral link,like mine, You can use this to refer friends, family and colleagues to Swom and receive commissions if they subsequently upgrade. We make it easy to refer by offering free tools such as an email contacts importer.
The Swom website has special marketing materials on it which sells itself, and has been carefully optimized to give the best results. It is also a social network with an incredible community so our conversion and retention rates are very high compare to the industry average. New members are often surprised with the level of community participation we have at Swom. All you have to do is spread the word and tell people to visit your unique Swom referral page. We deal with everything else, including order processing and aftersales services. You just bring people to the website, and collect the checks!

How much can I earn?

As much as you like! There are 5 main ways of earning commissions:
  • $15 Instant Referral Bonuses
  • Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses
  • 'Gold Evangelist' Bonuses
  • Community Participation Bonuses
  • Gaining visibility for your own opportunities
You can read more about these in the next few questions.
You can quickly earn commissions by referring new Gold members. With time and dedication, you can build thousands of connections that can earn you a significant income that would be the envy of any doctor or banker. In some cases, it is possible to earn a five, six or even seven figure income, just by working from home!
Some people prefer to socialize and participate in community discussions - whatever you prefer to do, Swom rewards you with both commissions and community recognition.

What is the $15 Instant Referral Bonus?
You receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade.
But that's not all! You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals - every month - as long as they remain Gold!
Example 1:
If you refer 10 gold members you will receive:
  • 10 * $15.00 = $150.00 first month
  • 10 * $5.00 = $50.00 every month thereafter

Example 2:
If you refer 100 gold members you will receive:

  • 100 * $15.00 = $1500.00 first month
  • 100 * $5.00 = $500.00 every month thereafter
What is the Ongoing Residual Referral Bonus?
You receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade.
But that's not all! You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals - every month - as long as they remain Gold!
See the question above for examples.

What is the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus?
Are you feeling evangelical about Swom Gold?
This is the perfect reward for those that love to connect with free members and help them see the light of Swom Gold membership! A whopping 20% of company-wide Gold membership commissions are paid into this bonus!
Here's how it works - You may connect with new or existing free members and help them upgrade to Gold membership. To qualify you must send each of them at least one personal wall post message (not email) to help them upgrade to Gold. You message must be helpful and you must take care not to spam. Your message may contain your testimonial on Swom, its benefits or just a friendly offer to help them use Swom - it must contain the word 'Gold' and must not contain any other links/URL.
For every member that subsequently upgrades within 30 days of your message, you will automatically receive 10 shares in the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus Pool!
This bonus pool will pay out along with other commissions on or around the 10th of each month. The value of each share will depend on number of Gold members company-wide and number of shares issued during that month. We provide a running estimate as a guide only but the final value will depend on the above.
The more Gold members there are, the more each share is likely to be worth! There are no limits on how many shares you can have. The more you help members upgrade, the more you earn.

What is the Community Participation Bonus?
Swom's unique Community Participation Bonus pays an extraordinary 50% of company-wide Gold membership commissions into this bonus! This means that you can earn commissions month after month just for participating in what you love - the Swom social network!

What are Community Points?

To earn shares in the Community Participation Bonus Pool, you need community points. Community points are a rough measurement of how much contribution you have made towards the Swom community.
To gain community points, make new connections and interact positively with other Swom members. Have fun! Some actions will earn you community points, while others will allow you to 'spend' them:
make a new connection+1
post a status update or wall message+1
post a comment or reply+1
refer a new member+1
post a question or answer+1
question is voted up+2 per vote
answer is voted up+5 per vote
post a testimonial (if accepted)+50
win community chest
(you get a small chance of this every time you do any of the above)
between 5 - 100
post a message with a link/URL in itSpend 5 points
For questions and answers, a maximum of 20 votes can be cast per user per day.
You can earn a maximum of 200 community points per day (community chests are immune to this limit). Also, there are sometimes special competitions which will allow you to earn more.
Remember, members are rewarded for interacting positively with other Swom members. It's important that you don't participate in any unwelcome activities such as spamming, flaming, or trying to cheat the system as this will make you lose community points and even get your account deleted. The use of automated software is strictly prohibited on Swom and we actively monitor for these. So please understand the rules and enjoy all that Swom has to offer!
On or around the 10th of each month, we add up the total number of community points earned by Gold members during that month. The amount that you earn depends on how many points you have and the size of the bonus pool. The more community points you have, the bigger apportion of the bonus pool you will get!
Tip: Your Community Score appears on your public profile and is a measure of your contribution to the Swom community. Having a higher score will give you better reputation within the Swom community.

How to  increase your commissions?
It's easy to earn while having fun on Swom! Here's what you can do to increase your monthly earnings:

The best way is to refer new members to Swom and help them upgrade to Gold. You will receive $15 in the first month for every Gold member and receive $5 every month thereafter - forever! As long as someone signs up using your referral link it does not matter whether they upgrade straight away or after six months - you will still get the instant and the ongoing referral bonuses each month.

Another great way is to connect with existing free members on Swom - Explain to them the benefits of Gold membership and help them upgrade. You can then earn shares in the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus Pool which can be lucrative!

Swom is all about social networking. Connect with people, make lasting relationships and enjoy your time at Swom! By earning Community Points, you build up a great reputation at Swom and a loyal set of connections. Most professional marketers will agree that this alone is priceless but here at Swom we even pay you for having fun!

Your personalized referral link looks like this (replace XXXXX with your Swom ID number):
You can also find your referral link in the home page of the members area. Emails sent out to your email contacts via the Mass Importer will automatically have your referral links

It's free to join, and it takes less than a minute. We provide you with everything you need to succeed, including training and your own personalized referral page, available immediatlely upon joining. Thousands of others are doing it - Join today! Yes. SWOM accept members from over 190 countries worldwide.

Commissions are usually calculated on or around the 10th day of each month. On this day, we will calculate your earnings over the previous month and credit you with the appropriate commissions. Make sure you are a Gold member by this date, as otherwise you will miss out on commissions!
You can request payout via Alertpay or by postal check.

SWOM  has been created by direct selling and marketing experts with years of experience. SWOM combines a breakthrough social networking site with a fantastic affiliate program, not to mention world class customer support. One of the most attractive features of SWOM  is the high 70% commissions, repeated monthly residual income, and the opportunity to connect and earn commissions from existing Swom members by interacting with them .

What is the SWOM GOLD  membership?

SWOM GOLD is for anyone who is serious about making money on the Internet. It provides many advanced features for your Swom account, such as the ability to create groups and invite other Swom members to join your group. They are given more visibility and are prioritized ahead of Free members. Members can also participate in the affiliate program to earn a significant income from home.
How can I be paid?
Once commissions has been credited to your acccount, you may request for it to be paid out by check (min $50) or via AlertPay (min $25). Checks are sent via regular postal mail. There is a small charge of $3.50 for handling and postage, if a check is requested.

I think is covered everything you need to know ,you have to sign up not to miss a such opportunity to promote your business and earn money ,see you inside,Seva.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Business World List - Product Review

"New, And Powerful Breakthrough In Safe-List Advertising - Reverses The Downsides Of Email Marketing, And Generates Guaranteed Ad-Views, Website Visitors, And Increased Sales In Just Minutes After You Start Using It..."
"...Making This The MOST VALUABLE 'Sales Generating Machine' For Website Promoters Of All Times."
"Soon You'll Agree With Me That The Benefits Are Worth Hundred Times More Than ANY Safe-list On The Internet..."
If you've been searching for information on reaching large audiences and getting more traffic to your website, then you've probably come across And, if you are like me then you probably wondered what the story is behind this popular mailing list.
Well, here's the truth: This list is the real deal.
Listen, I'll be the first to admit that I was hesitant when I first decided to join "" But after I started advertising my website on this list, I was literally blown away by the effectiveness of it.
The first thing I noticed as soon as I gained access to their member's area was that 'it was a lot more than just a safe-list' -- the members area was jam packed with innovative tools to improve traffic and sales, I know that this sounds like an overwhelming amount of information, but one of my favorite things about this website -- which you'll discover right away -- is that it is extremely user-friendly and easy to reach a large audience (over 46,500 and growing).
For example, as soon you login you can create your ads in HTML format without the knowledge of HTML coding. Already have an ad ready? Skip to the next step, just copy and paste your ad on to the mailer and click a button -- your ad is instantly sent out to over 46,500 on their mailing list.
If you think that this is the only advantage you'll get, wait till you see all of it -- internal announcements (adAnnounce feature) to the entire mailing list (announce your offers to the entire list, 100 times a day if you want), ad tracking, other submission tools, and so on...
And the best part is that you can see responses as soon as you start using the tools.
But what impresses me most about this neat tool is that -- for just $12/month you could easily make your investment back 10 folds (with the right product) the first time you use it.
"" is considered by many marketers as the most effective marketing list, since it reaches mass audience with the click of a button. Thousands of marketers use it on a daily basis and swear that it is The Best Safelist out there. I give this product my absolute highest recommendation.Click here to find out more.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Traffic With Safelist

Being one of the SFI members ,  I am  new to Internet marketing and I am always looking for good advertising places. I belong probably to hundreds of credit based safe lists, but with its highly responsive members  Safelist is my  number 1 marketing tool! I recommend it to any Internet marketer who is serious about building an online.So far I work with 108 Safelist,and I am about to recommend to you only the best of them and my favorites.
  • GOT SAFELIST   is my favorite so far you can get credits ,banner exchange and even cash when you read  the others members e-mails,and is free.Like a free member you can send a text ad every 48 hours to 2500 members if you upgrade you have better chances

  • TWESTED VIRAL TRAFFIC   earn 100 credits for each member's ad you view.

  • GLOBAL SAFELIST  earn credits for each member's ad you view .

  • AD TROOPERS     earn 100 credits per ad view.

  • ACTIVE SAFELIST  100 credits per ad view.

  • LIST JOE   earn credits and you can send your text ad to over 30 000 members,is great,and is free.
         Do not forget all the Safelist from above you can use it for free,the most active you are the better for you pocket and you business and if you can afford to upgrade is  great because still is very cheap compare with other marketing  tools .I wish you good luck with everything you are doing and catch up with you soon.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Basic creditcard / debitcard / smartcard graph...Image via Wikipedia     Today is my writing day,yes,I can't sleep well,if I am not sharing what I found and use, with you.There is more surprises for you,by the end of the week.I sign upwithPay Box Me  last month one   day before the the start balance was change from $50 to $25.If you join today you get  $25 and is true every day they add money if you do certain things,so far I have $568

  • You start with a $25 balance and it's free.
  • PayBox will add up to $20 per day to your account for participating as we prepare to launch our new service.
  • You get $10 per person you refer to Pay Box Me.
  • You'll be an EarlyBird user—before PayBox opens to the public.
  • You'll help shape the development of the best payment system ever designed for the Internet.
  • You could have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account by the time we launch, without ever making a deposit!
PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.

We're designing our service with the help of a dedicated group of EarlyBird users who are contributing ideas and feedback.

Stages of development planned to launch in 2011:
  • Person-to-Person transactions.
  • Small Business integration, including payment processing modules for all popular shopping cart software.
  • Mid-sized Business integration.
  • Major Online Store integration.
  • Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
  • Currency exchange with all major world currencies.
As an EarlyBird user of PayBox, it's your job to...
  • Log in frequently to see where Pay Box Me need your help.
  • Participate. Share your opinion and complete tasks which can be done from the comfort of your home or office computer.
  • Subscribe to Pay Box Me blog. The blog is the primary channel  used to communicate news, updates and information to  EarlyBird members.
  • Be an advocate. You may invite your trusted friends and family to join Pay Box Me.
We'll add new tasks as we continue to grow. With each new task, you can always choose to participate (and get rewarded) or not.
Good luck with everything you do,and if you know other things you more than welcome to share with me.
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NeoBux , $2500 Per Month Pure Profit

My dearest friends,I been so bussy lately,you have no idea,but to make up to you for my absence,I will share with you this success story of one of Neobux members.From many PTC websites Neobux is one you can trust.You can start for free and update as you go.I wish you all the best of luck and maybe the best gift for Christmas,after you read join us.

"I will start my story from the end. I 'm in position to say that I make around $2500 per month thanks to Neobux . This is calculated after I have deducted all the expenses (renewals and recycle). As you understand $2500 is a real pure profit while my capital is safe and continues to yield every month (yes the capital is my fellow rented referrals).

I really don't know the most proper words to express the feelings of success. As we all know there are millions if not billions of individuals that they are making a living with way less than $2500 per month and I respect these people very much. The above fact alone does it for me even more difficult to describe how really wonderful is, when an internet project gives you such a great opportunity to earn real money without a painful work and most of all without a boss. I like independency, I think everyone does.

I suspect that some companion members may want to learn how much I have invested, how many referrals I have, averages and all the other details. I apologize in advance if I'm not satisfying you but I want to keep my privacy intact. Please respect my decision and don't bombing me with questions. Besides there are many members that have their stats visible so you can find what you are looking for.

For your convenience though I want to say that my strategy contains 4 basic principles:
A. Renew always for 150/240 more days.
B. Keep detailed stats and put them on my thinking cap.
C. Constantly change recycling policy based on the constant changing conditions. ("everything is in a state of flux" These famous words characterize the work of Ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus).
D. Click all the available ads everyday according to server time.

And here is how the story started: I joined back in June of 2008 in order to be a part of this innovative project which claimed to pay instantly always (what a motive!). A month later, I was already golden and the earnings were a good reward for my investment/work here. I was soon earning enough over my initial investment. Then I started to observe the forum. I saw some very successful members like Helixpt, Vitor, Dec03001 & Sho03004 to name a few.

That was, I had almost decided to invest as much money as I could. Then I thought about neobux's always kept promises, Admin's behavior and especially the way that Neobux  handled the paypal crisis. Everything was set. I just needed the money to invest. As you understand I found it (though I needed some time). The ultimate membership came first and then all the rest. Now, I'm here to enhance my earnings as much as I can.

The epilogue of the story will not be innovative (neobux does that). So, thanks to all my referrals, thanks to all the forum members, thanks especially to Helixpt for some enlightening posts, thanks to all neobux members who are investing, clicking and keeping this great project alive and healthy. Oops, I almost forgot; my biggest thanks go directly to the man himself who made this project a huge success and gave an incredible opportunity to every single of us. I let alone in anyone’s judgment his behavior, managing decisions and support to the members.

Apologies for my English, which is rather poor. I am Greek, so please be lenient.

Keep clicking, keep thinking, keep managing your account, keep earning.

Peace to all of you

PS: As a little proof of my words and my devotion on this project, see these two pics

One more month payments (Yes, it was a discount day)

I joined Neobux ,myself in November 2010,and this story captivate me,and after a month ,I have few referrals rented only from my own cliks,my own time,I invested only what I made from it,nothing extra.You can do it too.

I hope Reggen success story will inspire you and if you decide to sign up there will be more stories for you or one day I will read one of yours.All the best with your online projects, Seva.
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