Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tired and frustraded with my bloging

Did you ever felt that before,of course you did,you are not going to tell,the story when you started your adventure in Internet Marketing.I have been working couple of hours in the morning,and my brain wasn't working proper.I stopped searching and reading,I went shopping this time and I found some interesting e-books and some antiques,and real estate.Is a great site to go and to check from time to time when you feel like.I spend more time checking on other social websites like Dig , Delicious and Stumble.Sometimes you find a news,a book , a painting and why not share with the world..

 My dear friends,I just check it how much money I earn in October with AdSense $0.23 not laugh ,yes and since July 2010 since I start the program,$1.60 in total.
Some people up there they make a living from,well for me doesn't work,but guess what I am not giving up,because the more I read, I will get there.

I will go to bed early tonight.I am tired, try again tomorrow.

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