Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Online Frustration

That's BusinessImage via WikipediaI have no interesting news for you today,I worked for 18 hours,reading,clicking,searching for more solutions how I can increase my income.Is nice to stay home,to be with my little dog,my plants,my garden and wild birds,my books ...
I have a routine every day to check the  SFI business home page,for letters,alerts etc. and after going to check all Social Media,You Tube,My Space,Face Book and Twitter  I have lots of friends and that helps our business.

My" To Do List "was to send messages to my down line,to keep them motivated,no one answer.I am not happy with the results .Every thing take time,to build a relationship with your down line.From my point of view,I like to do my work ,I am not asking my up line for help unless I am stuck.

I am going back to my study,and if you have stories of frustration let me know,but maybe not everyone like to talk about it....

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