Monday, October 25, 2010

A new challenge,make a living online

 Hi,my name is Seva,I was born in Romania but I live in Australia.Welcome to my new blog and new challenge of my life.The inspiration for this blog came last night after I watched "Julie & Julia" a movie inspired from a true story,with Meryl Streep.

To start with ,life is a big challenge for me.As we know life is full with ups and downs,more of the last,but we get up and start new things one more time.You can start again with your relationship,or with your way of living your life,to get read of your addictions,or to live your life free of stress.Yes, no stress anymore.

I took a decision to stop my stressful work and live a normal life at home,working at home,save on expenses,and  spend my time  wisely to build my new business online.This business build up my confidence,I can achieve things which other people struggle for years.Can I tell you something I am still in my pyjamas at I am not lazy,I am writing to you,I am telling you there are opportunities for you too, only if you keep searching,and maybe you can get a title in just four days.I will write more about it the title next month .

For years I am struggling how I can be free of debt,not to wore about how I can pay my rent,my electricity and phone bills.I have friends with health problems,they stop working,what happen with them.One friend of mine ,find out she has cancer and few months later she lost her house and income,in fire.What she save up all her life is gone now.No house,no health,no income,and maybe you have a unfortunate friend like mine.

I am not a writer,and English is my second language,but I bet if you are reading now,you will say to yourself I can do it better than her.Good for you and I suggest to challenge me because you will keep me motivated.

A new start for me ,from last week October 16,2010.In the next four days after that day will be history.I achieved in four days things I did not expect,only from hard work,determination,curiosity.That October day changed my life,was an answer to my  everyday prayer to find something new,to enjoy working,and make a living and residual income.

I took a decision to stop my stress full work and live a normal life at home,working at home,save on expenses,to put towards my debts.
A new week,and my first week like a successful affiliate,I am going to help my people to achieve their goals.
Yes,helping my down line to achieve their life dreams,I will achieve main is well.

 My dear friends I will keep you updated with my new enterprise,make a living online.Experience in the field,none,but I have access to free website,free articles,free tools only to keep me working.If I can do it,you can do it better than me.

If you want to know what I am doing,you will find some clues,but only if you want to change your life.
Keep in touch,Seva.

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