Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first enrollment,

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After four days I became a SFI, Gold Team Leader,and today(ten days after I sign up) I found a e-mail telling me about my first enrollment. ever,from my work,yes.
Before I went to bed ,after mid  night  of course  I been thinking what if tomorrow I will find one emaiI telling me the news about my first new team member,and yes I have one sign up.You have no idea how happy I am.

In order to achieve my goals,I need lots and lots of enrolments a day.My up line they have  enrolments in daily basis, like 680 people only this month.From this amazing number maybe 90% they will succeed,the others,they will hang in there for a while ,until they learn more,and they find the secret to succeed.All the secrets are inside,absolutely everything you need you only choose what is best for you and your budget.So far cost me nothing,only my time,surfing and reading.

For a fact, for many years I was searching for something to do, in my spare time, I kept reading and reading and reading,looking for something the way you are doing now,and everything you try you need money,website,and I did not have a website,and I do not have one yet.

So far, the SFI business for the people with low budget,and there is tips inside you can start making money in the first month.

You can make money with You Tube.
I  will try to give you few tools to use.Is good to have a Chanel if you have something to share with the world,I have 39 movies in my language and few in English,I promote my songs and some of my colegs and others they did not have a chance to publish their songs because they past away.
Is a great tool if you have a business or product to sell to talk about,just do it you will be amazed how things turn around.
You can make money with You Tube is free advertising,and you can find a way to use it,but read more about the people which they make six figure income from You Tube and is free to try.
Everything you need to know just search and you can see how is done,and you will improve your knowledge about Internet Marketing.If you want to be my friend on You Tube  you  more than welcome.
I will be back tommorow to update you,and to write about other great tool for free.

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