Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take advantage of the new gadgets and new technology

"Explore deep into your innovative, irrational side today, Seva. Your emotions may be running counter to this principal, but instead of letting this put a damper on your progress, this energy should be used to spur you into action.

Take advantage of the new gadgets and technology that is available to you now. There are incredible resources at your fingertips so don't be afraid to harness this power and use it to your advantage." this is my horoscope for today,take advantage of the new technology.

When I checked my emails today,one of them was from my  SFI sponsor,yes,he is helping me a lot,thank you my dear friend if you are reading my notes.My sponsor was suggesting what to use to achieve my goal ,is not strange how the Astrologer can pick up for me what is going on.
I am not happy when I look at my down line, no one does much to increase their activity,I guess they realise is not easy for them.

Nothing is easy when came to work for yourself,and get paid for what you work,and I work long hours every day,to get everything done,writing here for you(keep me motivated to do new things every day)and other two  blogs,plus learning process,everything take time,lots of time.

Network Marketing isn't for people who aren't willing to work hard,I found in a book last night,and You get out of it what you put into it.In my case my company SFI has great tools,great products,is telling me everything,how do I know that because I explore it,is still lots to go and sometimes I have to go back twice or maybe more to make sure I understand the way works.

 You have to buy the product,to use it and after you can recommend it to your friends,or to your down line,in my case yes,I send them e-mails with tips ,from what I already done ,like my sponsor said,if he is helping me,he is helping himself.
Last night I learnt few tips,and I will write them here for you and maybe later my down line will use it.
Using the Internet to solve the three fatal flows in network marketing.

1.Lack of duplication
You want everyone to know how this month you recruit 600 people,is not my case is one of my up lines.It's a real challenge to reach everyone in your down line.You have to create a blog(is free)website and write articles,make some video and audio how is done and will be there to use it and use it thousands times only send a link in your email or have a customised email signature.

2.Lack of timely communication,if something is happen with up line,a news letter take to long,but you can send one e-mail or hundreds with the same keystroke.If your up line quits you are not left in the dark ,as long you read your e-mail.

3.Inadequate training programs,is not my case,I think I have acces to one of the best training programs ever for free,so far I find an answer for every think I want to know.For the people out there,which they have meetings for training and not everyone show up ,the Internet provides the solution.The Internet can step up the quality and quantity of training.
The Internet is the way to go for many businesses out there,you reach more audience.
Thanks for reading my thoughts today,and see you again tomorrow!

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