Friday, October 29, 2010

Crushed Computer ,Ruin my Plans

A day with not much  done,the laptop crushed,refuse to work ,I was lucky to answer to few e-mails,especially to one from my SFI upline sponsor,spend hours to backup and restore the system,but did not work,and I am writing my article at the local Library.

I was able to search for some books related to Internet marketing,and I found a interesting one,was something in there,we have to set a goal,and to check it every day,you feel motivated.

Now I am forced to live the house,to do my work,my research,nothing worse than that.

Talking  about working from home,everyone think they can take advantage,they ask you to do things for them,Is hard to say NO and I have to  do my work in night time,from tomorrow  No to favours.

See you tomorrow,and you welcome to tell me how your day went .....?

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