Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thousands visitors,free traffic to your website

After years spent online ,to find the right company to work with,for a residual income,I am bit impatient,take time to build the business,and what I read from the people which succeed,is interesting.

They hate their job,or they were broke,or in debt,example a jobless,single mum with 3 children and a million dollars in medical bills,now she earn as much in a year,with her team.

Is not happening overnight,and you put in ,lots of hours of work but you are paid over and over again,later residual income,and if you are a gardener,you work one hour ,you get paid for an hour.You stop working like a gardener,the money stop,too but when you are a affiliate,you still receive a cheque from the efforts of your downline.

Network Marketing is not a Hobby,I planed to work 40 hours a week,for the last two weeks I spent 60 hours per week,I realised there is lots of things where I need to study,to search,how is done,and I need books.

I start this blog 5 days ago and I wrote an article every day except yesterday because of the crushed computer,but I create my first blog in 2009 and just about the end of the year,I learned how to write a post,how to add a link,or a HTML.

If you have a goal ,keep going no matter what,because you want to achieve it.When is not a goal,is not desire.When you work for yourself,lots of things change.

I have a business or a product,I create a blog to write about it,but we need traffic ,people,to read what I am writing,or to bring people to read,to test our products,and to buy them.How we do that?
In only five days I had, 220 visitors ,is a lot,compare with  another blog for 11 months by now and I drive only 300 views.

 I am about to write my secret,what I discover on Internet and is working wonders,you can bring thousands and thousands of visitors to your website or blog,they are powerful tools to use.My favorites Click Thru Marketing or Traffic Exchange are:

Traffic G     Ratio 1:1 when you join you get 10 credits is my favorite

Traffic Swarm    Ratio 1:1  Join Bonus 100 credits lots of promotional tools   (Referral Levels 5)

 Electrifying Hits    Surfing rewards,referral contests

Cash Clicking   commissions,sell credits,surfing pricess in credits    and promoting tools

Sweeva    is bit different than others,is worth it to try to get thousands of visitors
EasyHits4u surfing pricess in credits and banners,5 level referrals

Smiley Traffic   auto surfing and manual surfing ,8 level referrals

 Dragon Surf   great affiliates toolbox,surfing bonuses

 Astrology-Surf    great website,surfing bonuses,and promoting tools

 Dowline Refs   5 level referrals,

My Traffic Exchange page ,you can join them for free,testing them like I did,and just follow the instruction,and start clicking to exchange credits,you visit few websites ,they pay you a visit too.Good luck with your visitors.Cost you nothing to try them,only your time.Take care,see you in few hours is 5:26 am ,I am going to bed ...

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