Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tired and frustraded with my bloging

Did you ever felt that before,of course you did,you are not going to tell,the story when you started your adventure in Internet Marketing.I have been working couple of hours in the morning,and my brain wasn't working proper.I stopped searching and reading,I went shopping this time and I found some interesting e-books and some antiques,and real estate.Is a great site to go and to check from time to time when you feel like.I spend more time checking on other social websites like Dig , Delicious and Stumble.Sometimes you find a news,a book , a painting and why not share with the world..

 My dear friends,I just check it how much money I earn in October with AdSense $0.23 not laugh ,yes and since July 2010 since I start the program,$1.60 in total.
Some people up there they make a living from,well for me doesn't work,but guess what I am not giving up,because the more I read, I will get there.

I will go to bed early tonight.I am tired, try again tomorrow.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thousands visitors,free traffic to your website

After years spent online ,to find the right company to work with,for a residual income,I am bit impatient,take time to build the business,and what I read from the people which succeed,is interesting.

They hate their job,or they were broke,or in debt,example a jobless,single mum with 3 children and a million dollars in medical bills,now she earn as much in a year,with her team.

Is not happening overnight,and you put in ,lots of hours of work but you are paid over and over again,later residual income,and if you are a gardener,you work one hour ,you get paid for an hour.You stop working like a gardener,the money stop,too but when you are a affiliate,you still receive a cheque from the efforts of your downline.

Network Marketing is not a Hobby,I planed to work 40 hours a week,for the last two weeks I spent 60 hours per week,I realised there is lots of things where I need to study,to search,how is done,and I need books.

I start this blog 5 days ago and I wrote an article every day except yesterday because of the crushed computer,but I create my first blog in 2009 and just about the end of the year,I learned how to write a post,how to add a link,or a HTML.

If you have a goal ,keep going no matter what,because you want to achieve it.When is not a goal,is not desire.When you work for yourself,lots of things change.

I have a business or a product,I create a blog to write about it,but we need traffic ,people,to read what I am writing,or to bring people to read,to test our products,and to buy them.How we do that?
In only five days I had, 220 visitors ,is a lot,compare with  another blog for 11 months by now and I drive only 300 views.

 I am about to write my secret,what I discover on Internet and is working wonders,you can bring thousands and thousands of visitors to your website or blog,they are powerful tools to use.My favorites Click Thru Marketing or Traffic Exchange are:

Traffic G     Ratio 1:1 when you join you get 10 credits is my favorite

Traffic Swarm    Ratio 1:1  Join Bonus 100 credits lots of promotional tools   (Referral Levels 5)

 Electrifying Hits    Surfing rewards,referral contests

Cash Clicking   commissions,sell credits,surfing pricess in credits    and promoting tools

Sweeva    is bit different than others,is worth it to try to get thousands of visitors
EasyHits4u surfing pricess in credits and banners,5 level referrals

Smiley Traffic   auto surfing and manual surfing ,8 level referrals

 Dragon Surf   great affiliates toolbox,surfing bonuses

 Astrology-Surf    great website,surfing bonuses,and promoting tools

 Dowline Refs   5 level referrals,

My Traffic Exchange page ,you can join them for free,testing them like I did,and just follow the instruction,and start clicking to exchange credits,you visit few websites ,they pay you a visit too.Good luck with your visitors.Cost you nothing to try them,only your time.Take care,see you in few hours is 5:26 am ,I am going to bed ...

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Crushed Computer ,Ruin my Plans

A day with not much  done,the laptop crushed,refuse to work ,I was lucky to answer to few e-mails,especially to one from my SFI upline sponsor,spend hours to backup and restore the system,but did not work,and I am writing my article at the local Library.

I was able to search for some books related to Internet marketing,and I found a interesting one,was something in there,we have to set a goal,and to check it every day,you feel motivated.

Now I am forced to live the house,to do my work,my research,nothing worse than that.

Talking  about working from home,everyone think they can take advantage,they ask you to do things for them,Is hard to say NO and I have to  do my work in night time,from tomorrow  No to favours.

See you tomorrow,and you welcome to tell me how your day went .....?

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take advantage of the new gadgets and new technology

"Explore deep into your innovative, irrational side today, Seva. Your emotions may be running counter to this principal, but instead of letting this put a damper on your progress, this energy should be used to spur you into action.

Take advantage of the new gadgets and technology that is available to you now. There are incredible resources at your fingertips so don't be afraid to harness this power and use it to your advantage." this is my horoscope for today,take advantage of the new technology.

When I checked my emails today,one of them was from my  SFI sponsor,yes,he is helping me a lot,thank you my dear friend if you are reading my notes.My sponsor was suggesting what to use to achieve my goal ,is not strange how the Astrologer can pick up for me what is going on.
I am not happy when I look at my down line, no one does much to increase their activity,I guess they realise is not easy for them.

Nothing is easy when came to work for yourself,and get paid for what you work,and I work long hours every day,to get everything done,writing here for you(keep me motivated to do new things every day)and other two  blogs,plus learning process,everything take time,lots of time.

Network Marketing isn't for people who aren't willing to work hard,I found in a book last night,and You get out of it what you put into it.In my case my company SFI has great tools,great products,is telling me everything,how do I know that because I explore it,is still lots to go and sometimes I have to go back twice or maybe more to make sure I understand the way works.

 You have to buy the product,to use it and after you can recommend it to your friends,or to your down line,in my case yes,I send them e-mails with tips ,from what I already done ,like my sponsor said,if he is helping me,he is helping himself.
Last night I learnt few tips,and I will write them here for you and maybe later my down line will use it.
Using the Internet to solve the three fatal flows in network marketing.

1.Lack of duplication
You want everyone to know how this month you recruit 600 people,is not my case is one of my up lines.It's a real challenge to reach everyone in your down line.You have to create a blog(is free)website and write articles,make some video and audio how is done and will be there to use it and use it thousands times only send a link in your email or have a customised email signature.

2.Lack of timely communication,if something is happen with up line,a news letter take to long,but you can send one e-mail or hundreds with the same keystroke.If your up line quits you are not left in the dark ,as long you read your e-mail.

3.Inadequate training programs,is not my case,I think I have acces to one of the best training programs ever for free,so far I find an answer for every think I want to know.For the people out there,which they have meetings for training and not everyone show up ,the Internet provides the solution.The Internet can step up the quality and quantity of training.
The Internet is the way to go for many businesses out there,you reach more audience.
Thanks for reading my thoughts today,and see you again tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Online Frustration

That's BusinessImage via WikipediaI have no interesting news for you today,I worked for 18 hours,reading,clicking,searching for more solutions how I can increase my income.Is nice to stay home,to be with my little dog,my plants,my garden and wild birds,my books ...
I have a routine every day to check the  SFI business home page,for letters,alerts etc. and after going to check all Social Media,You Tube,My Space,Face Book and Twitter  I have lots of friends and that helps our business.

My" To Do List "was to send messages to my down line,to keep them motivated,no one answer.I am not happy with the results .Every thing take time,to build a relationship with your down line.From my point of view,I like to do my work ,I am not asking my up line for help unless I am stuck.

I am going back to my study,and if you have stories of frustration let me know,but maybe not everyone like to talk about it....

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first enrollment,

YouTubeImage via Wikipedia
After four days I became a SFI, Gold Team Leader,and today(ten days after I sign up) I found a e-mail telling me about my first enrollment. ever,from my work,yes.
Before I went to bed ,after mid  night  of course  I been thinking what if tomorrow I will find one emaiI telling me the news about my first new team member,and yes I have one sign up.You have no idea how happy I am.

In order to achieve my goals,I need lots and lots of enrolments a day.My up line they have  enrolments in daily basis, like 680 people only this month.From this amazing number maybe 90% they will succeed,the others,they will hang in there for a while ,until they learn more,and they find the secret to succeed.All the secrets are inside,absolutely everything you need you only choose what is best for you and your budget.So far cost me nothing,only my time,surfing and reading.

For a fact, for many years I was searching for something to do, in my spare time, I kept reading and reading and reading,looking for something the way you are doing now,and everything you try you need money,website,and I did not have a website,and I do not have one yet.

So far, the SFI business for the people with low budget,and there is tips inside you can start making money in the first month.

You can make money with You Tube.
I  will try to give you few tools to use.Is good to have a Chanel if you have something to share with the world,I have 39 movies in my language and few in English,I promote my songs and some of my colegs and others they did not have a chance to publish their songs because they past away.
Is a great tool if you have a business or product to sell to talk about,just do it you will be amazed how things turn around.
You can make money with You Tube is free advertising,and you can find a way to use it,but read more about the people which they make six figure income from You Tube and is free to try.
Everything you need to know just search and you can see how is done,and you will improve your knowledge about Internet Marketing.If you want to be my friend on You Tube  you  more than welcome.
I will be back tommorow to update you,and to write about other great tool for free.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

A new challenge,make a living online

 Hi,my name is Seva,I was born in Romania but I live in Australia.Welcome to my new blog and new challenge of my life.The inspiration for this blog came last night after I watched "Julie & Julia" a movie inspired from a true story,with Meryl Streep.

To start with ,life is a big challenge for me.As we know life is full with ups and downs,more of the last,but we get up and start new things one more time.You can start again with your relationship,or with your way of living your life,to get read of your addictions,or to live your life free of stress.Yes, no stress anymore.

I took a decision to stop my stressful work and live a normal life at home,working at home,save on expenses,and  spend my time  wisely to build my new business online.This business build up my confidence,I can achieve things which other people struggle for years.Can I tell you something I am still in my pyjamas at I am not lazy,I am writing to you,I am telling you there are opportunities for you too, only if you keep searching,and maybe you can get a title in just four days.I will write more about it the title next month .

For years I am struggling how I can be free of debt,not to wore about how I can pay my rent,my electricity and phone bills.I have friends with health problems,they stop working,what happen with them.One friend of mine ,find out she has cancer and few months later she lost her house and income,in fire.What she save up all her life is gone now.No house,no health,no income,and maybe you have a unfortunate friend like mine.

I am not a writer,and English is my second language,but I bet if you are reading now,you will say to yourself I can do it better than her.Good for you and I suggest to challenge me because you will keep me motivated.

A new start for me ,from last week October 16,2010.In the next four days after that day will be history.I achieved in four days things I did not expect,only from hard work,determination,curiosity.That October day changed my life,was an answer to my  everyday prayer to find something new,to enjoy working,and make a living and residual income.

I took a decision to stop my stress full work and live a normal life at home,working at home,save on expenses,to put towards my debts.
A new week,and my first week like a successful affiliate,I am going to help my people to achieve their goals.
Yes,helping my down line to achieve their life dreams,I will achieve main is well.

 My dear friends I will keep you updated with my new enterprise,make a living online.Experience in the field,none,but I have access to free website,free articles,free tools only to keep me working.If I can do it,you can do it better than me.

If you want to know what I am doing,you will find some clues,but only if you want to change your life.
Keep in touch,Seva.

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